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Melian · WiseRaven

The Underworld

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In the name of the goddess:

I WILL be successful in all my goals and dreams!

So Mote It Be.

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*Four of Pentacles*

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As a virgo and an Earth sign, this card is very true to my nature...for good or ill.

Divinitory MeaningCollapse )
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An interesting and relevant article I found at witchvox.com:

The Truth about Pagan SpiritualityCollapse )

Credit: Sylvan Greenleaf

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Card 1) represents self: 4 of pentacles-beginning of a garden, purchasing property; home renovations, setting down rootsof a project, prosperity, stability, working toward ambitions.

Card 2)(Air) represents mental/intellectual life: The Chariot-Balance; victory after struggle, achievement, success, control, self-discipline, greatness, movement in life/career, travel.

Card 3) (Fire) represents passionate/physical life: 10 of swords-the desire to escape from pain and unhappiness, it's always darkest before dawn, this situation will change; feeling like you've been stabbed in the back; mental anguish, detachment to protect yourself.

Card 4) (Water) represents emotional life: Knight of Cups-the coming or going of any emotional matter, possible message or invitation, fickle young male, young person striking out on their own.

Card 5) (Earth) represents spiritual life: The Fool-potential, starting something new, childlike innocence, learning by experience, taking risks.


It'll be interesting to see how this reading will manifest itself in my present life.
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I will begin my first post with a blessing, from the Goddess, to me, and to all of you:

In the still of the night
while the world around me sleeps
may the spirits smile upon me
and the Goddess bring me peace.
Blessings upon: Leah, Kattie, my Mother, and Sisters.
I know that you will care for them
and bring them what they need.
Instill in me great harmony
in thought and in word and deed.
So mote it be.


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spirit realm: my inner temple
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